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Payner Music's 10th Golden hits collection album face is Malina. The album includes Malina's best 10 hit songs.

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Malina is currently working on new single project. The title of the single will be "Amneziya" and it will come with an music video.

New music video will be broadcast on Planeta TV and Planeta HD.


The firestorm of pop folk. The singer who in her artistic life recognizes only one direction - up. She hates to be one of the many, she sets standards in stage behavior of performers of pop folk. Emblematic with her dancing skills and the challenges she is constantly taking. At the national tour "Planeta Prima 2005" with team traveled a live jaguar, part of the show of Malina. She really understands what a show is supposed to be.

Malina is singing in Payner Music since many years. The singer was born on 7th of June 1967 in Sevlievo, Bulgaria, but grew up and lived in Lovech, Bulgaria. Beautiful singer sang before in choir. Her mother and father Todorka and Stancho Stanchevi are veterinarians. Malina has also a brother, Savcho who is two years older than her. Singing and dancing were always the dream of Malina. She continued the family tradition and graduated from veterinary school in Stara Zagora, majoring in veterinary medicine. In 1990, her son Simon came to the world.

Her first appearance on stage was at the festival "Trakia Folk 2000" with the song "Liubovnata strela". Later, she published her first video and song "Samo ti", which became hit. Malina has written many songs, but her big debut was with the song "Luda Svetlina", which means "Crazy light". After this song she published another two songs. Duets with her colleague "Azis" became hits in Bulgaria.

The pretty singer is more than 10 years on stage and is still at the top of the charts. She is not known only nationally, but also in the Balkans as well as in Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey.



Malina - Ognena zvezda (2001)

01. Da ili ne
02. Ognena zvezda
03. Kum teb vurvya
04. Luda svetlina
05. Mezhdu ad i ray
06. Muzika
07. Ne ye gryakh
08. Nezhna lyubov
09. Diva strast
10. Samo ti
11. Lyubovnata strela
12. Gorski plod
13. Khay-li-li
14. Bolka

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Malina - Malina (2003)

01. Leden svyat
02. Samo me obichay
03. Trugvam si
04. Kazhi obicham te
05. Lyubovta ye...
06. Samo mig (Remix)
07. Samo me obichay (Remix)
08. Obicham ludo
09. Dve ochi
10. Ne plachi,zam"lchi
11. Ostani
12. Samo mig

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Malina - Golden Hits (2013)

01. Dvojnici
02. Vsiakakvi myzhe
03. Kakvo napravi s men
04. Ima koj
05. Oshte palish
06. Ne znaesh (ft. Azis)
07. Situacia
08. Naj-krasivata (ft. Azis)
09. Samo tazi nosht
10. Strast

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Malina's all music video collection is now on Official YouTube channel. By clicking the YouTube logo you can watch from old to last, whole music videos of Malina.

You can watch the last music video "Amneziya" by cliking here.


                         DVD: Malina - Malina (2003)

First video collection of Malina. DVD includes first 12 music videos of Malina.

01. Samo ti
02. Ne e griah
03. Ognena zvezda
04. Diva strast
05. Ne plachi, zamulchi
06. Da ili ne (Remix)
  07. Muzika (Remix)
  08. Ela
  09. Obicham ludo
  10. Samo mig
  11. Leden sviat
  12. Obicham ludo (Live)
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                         DVD: Malina - Best Video Selection 2 (2007)

Second video collection of Malina. DVD includes 11 music videos + Tour Mix 2007.

01. Oshte palish
02. Strast
03. Drug pat
04. Stud
05. Iskam, iskam (ft. Azis)
06. Neka da ne znam
  07. V tishinata
  08. Chernite ochi (ft. Azis)
  09. Samo tazi noshch
  10. Kakvo napravi s men
  11. Ne znayesh (ft. Azis)
  12. Tour Mix 2007
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